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We offer a dashboard for sending notifications and SDK for site integration

Notifications delivery

✔️ Send notifications in near real-time
✔️ Schedule to send them out automatically in the future

Custom subscription

✔️ Display custom opt-in prompts in your website
✔️ Manage the subscriptions automatically

Custom notifications

✔️ Send custom notifications
✔️ Include Actions in your notifications

Analytics and monitoring

✔️ See how many subscriber per website
✔️ delivery status and number of CTR per notification

Smart segmentation

✔️ Create targeted segments to reach the right audience
✔️ Filter based on subscriber's data

Easy integration

✔️ SDK and JavaScript snippet to magically support the web push protocols
✔️ Less than 5 minutes setup

Use Cases

Reengage Visitors

👉 You are running campaigns to drive traffic to your online products.
👉 People are clicking but bouncing around your website. You're losing money on that campaign.
👉 Using Webpushify, you can send notifications to keep them coming back to your website and encourage a purchase.
So, you can increase your sales through Web push notifications reengage visitors.

Promote Sales

👉 You have a Website for your online products.
👉 People visiting your Website opt-in to receive Web push notifications.
👉 Using Webpushify, you can announce new sales, coupons and promotions using rich format notifications.
So, push notifications can help you to increase conversions during sale events.

Recover abandoned carts

👉 You have an eCommerce site for listing your online products.
👉 Customers have abandoned their cart, but they have a high chance of a conversion.
👉 Using Webpushify, you can send notifications out to them in order to bring them back to the checkout page.
So, you can increase your sales through recovering the abandoned carts.

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Frequently Ask Questions

What are web push notifications?

Web push notifications are messages sent from the Webpushify application servers to the browser of your website users in real time. If your users are not online, they will receive the message once they get back online.

Why web push notifications?

Web push notifications are a new, effective, modern channel of communication. Most of us receive unwanted messages. With web push notifications, you reach those visitors who want to hear from your website because they agree to receive notifications. There is no need to setup a third party messaging apps.

What about GDPR? Is Webpushify GDPR compliant?

Webpushify is perfectly compliant with GDPR. Webpushify does not inject first parties cookies. We don't sell any customer data. We can delete your data anytime you like. See the Privacy section for further details.