Notification Icons and Images


Web Push Notification icons are displayed on all browsers.
You can add a default icon for all your notifications at the website level, or you can specify an icon per notification.
In the case of APNs for Safari notifications, the icon is always the website default icon.

You can also have the option to specify an icon per notification action button when you send the notification.
Some browsers do not display these small icons, so please consider using emoji instead.

Note: The recommended format is PNG.
The recommended size for icon is 192x192px.
The recommended size for action icon is 128x128px.

Note: Action icon might be displayed in diffent way by platform.
Some platforms might not even be able to display action icons.
So, it is recommended to use emoji to provide the meaning of the action instead of icons.


Web Push Notification images are not displayed on all browsers.
Some browsers (e.g. Chrome on Windows and Android) let you display a large image inside the notification content.

Note: The recommended format is JPG. The image should be at least 800px wide.

Hosting Icons and Images

All the images and icons must be accessible through Internet. They can be hosted in your website, or they should be served by a third-party content provider.
When you need to specify an icon or image in Webpushify, you just need to use the icon or image URL.

Note: Icons and images must be served over HTTPS.

Note: Make sure your server or the third-party provider can handle the load associated to amount of your subscribers, otherwise the download will fail and the image will not be displayed inside the notification.